Watch the New Pediatric Clinical Trials Video: The Participators – Enter the Study!

The Participators

Written by Barbara Brown

February 19, 2021

N2 is excited to announce the release of the new pediatric clinical trials video!

In recognition of International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15, 2021, N2 launched the new pediatric clinical trials video officially, The Participators – Enter the Study. 

N2 would like to give a big thank you for all the hard work from the Clinical Trials Education and Awareness (CTEA) N2 Committee who spearheaded the development of the video.

English    |    French

What is the Purpose of the Video?

The purpose of the short, animated video, The Participators/Les Super Participants – Enter the Study, is to introduce children to clinical trials in a simple yet engaging way. Both English and French versions are available.

Targeted at a young audience, the video explains common terms and language used in clinical trials, as well as explains how you sign up for research, and how research can help children all over the world.

Who Can Use the Video?

Any research group or clinicians can share this video! The video doesn’t focus on any particular disease or disorder, but is kept general so it can be used by as many pediatric research and clinical groups as possible.

If you use the video, please let us know. Also, if you share the video on social media platforms, please tag your posts so we can see!

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