N2 is a national initiative that brings together multiple existing disease networks, institutions, organizations, industry, and other stakeholders willing to join forces to enhance Canada’s research capability and capacity.

N2 was formed because clinical researchers face common challenges in their quest to conduct world class research. N2 provides the opportunity to speak to clinical research issues with one voice at a National level and offers a forum to develop and share tools, resources and best practices.

N2 Membership Benefits

Membership Categories

Review the conditions of membership and member categories below. Membership fees shown below are based on an annual fee from April 1st to March 31st and are plus applicable tax. Prorated fees will be based on the date and pricing below.


  • April 1 to September 30 – full price
  • October 1 to December 31 – 75% of annual fees (excluding Provincial sites)
  • January 1 to March 30 – 25% of the annual fee plus the following year’s fee.


Not for Profit Regular

Not-For-Profit organizations with
6+ employees

Not for Profit Small

Not-For-Profit organizations with 5 or less employees

Profit/Industry Regular

Industry or for profit organizations with 11+ employees

Profit/Industry Small Practice

Industry or for profit organizations with 10 or less employees

$3,378 + tax

$1,126 + tax

$5,630 + tax

$2,252 + tax

Membership Conditions

  • Membership is open to all networks, institutions, organizations, industry partners or other stakeholders with a special interest in clinical research.
  • Members must be headquartered in Canada.
  • Members must be interested in furthering the objectives/mission/vision of N2.
  • All members (both network/institution/organization/industry and their representatives) shall provide reasonable and continuing disclosure of potential conflicts of interest.
  • All members shall comply with any reasonable conditions of membership imposed by Board of Directors of N2, including the payment of any reasonable membership fees or dues.
  • Membership is subject to initial approval and annual review by the N2 Board of Directors.