Much of N2′s work occurs within its committees. These consist of N2 members who are interested and passionate about helping to ensure and enhance Canada’s clinical research capability and capacity. Each committee develops a plan and deliverables, alligned with the N2 strategic plan and based on requests and feedback from the clinical research community. All committees report to the N2 Board of Directors.

N2 Committee Volunteer Application 

Clinical Trials Education and Awareness (CTEA) Committee

The N2 CTEA Committee is responsible for the development and execution of a national clinical trials education and awareness strategy. This education and awareness program is a comprehensive framework to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding about clinical trials and clinical research.

Education Committee / Developers Group

One of the most important strategic directions identified by the Network of Networks (N2) is to equip researchers with the necessary tools and programs to conduct high quality investigations with integrity, efficiency and continuous quality improvement.

Quality Committee

The N2 quality committee provides collegial and constructive advice to the N2 Board of Directors in relation to research quality and compliance. The committee’s main focus is to support the N2 membership in quality matters.

N2/CAREB REB SOP Committee

The N2/CAREB REB SOP Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining all current Research Ethics Board (REB) SOPs in both French and English languages, and for ensuring that the SOPs meet all applicable requirements relevant to the review of health sciences research, including clinical trials.

Clinical Research SOP Committee

The N2 Clinical Research SOP Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining all current N2 SOPs and ensuring they meet all applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines. The SOPs are written to ensure a site will be deemed compliant during Health Canada inspections. The committee also makes available associated tools and a package to help an organization roll the SOPs and tools out to its stakeholders.