Public Engagement Committee

The N2 Public Engagement Committee is responsible for the development and execution of a national clinical trials education and awareness strategy. This education and awareness program is a comprehensive framework to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding about clinical trials and clinical research.

Committee Co-Chairs

Munaza Jamil, Committee Co-Chair
Lead for the Monitoring Program at MICRYN
Sarah Bridges, Committee Co-Chair
Research Coordinator for the Maritime SPOR Support Unit

To date the Committee has accomplished the following:

  • Development of a clinical trials education and awareness strategy;
  • Partnerships with patients and caregivers to inform and advise on the development and creation of a website for the public about clinical trials;
  • Award of a CIHR SPOR Patient Engagement Collaboration Grant to enhance activities with patients and caregivers and to develop tools about working with the public;
  • Launch of a website for the public to educate them about clinical trials ( that includes a video call to action hosted on the site and on Youtube, with and without subtitles), a pamphlet that is an introduction to clinical trials, and a PowerPoint presentation that provides an introduction to clinical trials (all resources are bilingual).

The strategic development and execution of a number of interconnected initiatives are underway:

  • Continued maintenance of the / website;
  • Continuing to build a culture of research, in part through awareness building for clinical trials and N2’s resources to help others create awareness of clinical trials;
  • Securing additional resources to support the Committee’s efforts;
  • Co-hosting events about clinical trials for the greater community (webinars and potentially in person events);
  • Bringing together the Canadian clinical trials community to coordinate efforts with respect to clinical trials awareness and recruitment initiatives.

Click here for a list of all available resources for N2 members that have been created by this Committee.