The Network of Networks (N2) is a not-for-profit incorporated organization and an alliance of Canadian research networks and organizations working to enhance national clinical research capability and capacity.

Bringing together trialists and clinical research professionals from across the country, N2 provides a common platform for sharing best practices, resources and research-related content to ensure efficient and high-quality research, integrity of clinical practices and accountability.

The organization is truly representative of clinical research in Canada and acts as a national voice and advocate on behalf of a broad range of stakeholders that have an impact on the efficiency and quality of clinical trials conducted in Canada.

N2 has created a unique environment for clinical researchers to benefit from the sharing of “best in class” tools and the experience and expertise of others.  Today, over 100 organizations representing over 3000 clinical research professionals, from over 200 sites and across numerous therapeutic disciplines have joined N2’s initiative.  Members include organizations as varied as research networks, universities, hospitals, government entities and industry. The breadth of N2’s member organizations and the depth of their collective experience have enabled N2 to become an important voice in the national clinical research debate.

Clinical Research

The two cornerstones of clinical research are the protection of human participants and the integrity of the data collected. Among N2′s activities are the creation and distribution of the training and quality assurance that will raise the national standard for the conduct of research. These tools will support the investigators and research staff in their effort to demonstrate the accountability critical to clinical research. At the Clinical Trials Summit, held in Ottawa in September, 2011, the value of N2 was recognized by the attendees, representing the clinical trial community in Canada.

Currently N2 membership includes organizations that represent more than 200 clinical research sites across multiple therapeutic areas; institutions, universities, government, the private sector, and the Research Ethics Web-Based Education Group, an organization with a focus on education in the area of research ethics. Having one organization acting on behalf of all these groups and striving for operational and fiscal efficiencies will provide benefits that will ultimately reach Canadians.


Canada’s alliance for excellence in clinical research.


To enable and enhance clinical research capability and capacity in Canada.

Canada’s Alliance for Excellence in Clinical Research

National Voice

Position N2 as a National Voice for Clinical Research in Canada


Shepherd a National Clinical Research Alliance


Advocate for Peak Performance and Quality Outcomes in Clinical Research