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The Canadian Institutes of Health Research Report

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is committed to strengthening the clinical trials ecosystem to improve health care and health outcomes for all Canadians. CIHR is now looking to build a long-term strategy to support Canada’s clinical trials ecosystem. In the fall of 2022, CIHR launched Building the future of clinical trials, an online consultation with the research community, partners, and stakeholders involved in clinical trials. Participants were asked questions about CIHR’s role in funding clinical trials and in developing related policies and programs. Their discussions and preliminary recommendations will inform our ongoing conversations in order to shape the development of a long-term clinical trials strategy.

CIHR received a total of 44 responses from researchers, patient and citizen groups, research and health networks, government departments, and several organizations between September 28, 2022, and December 1, 2022. These 44 responses represent the collated comments from over 140 individuals, representing over 100 organizations or groups of stakeholders.

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Read the N2 2023-2027 Strategic Plan!

On behalf of the N2 Board, N2 Committee Chairs and Operations team we are excited to officially launch the 2023-2027 N2 strategic plan, Supporting Canadian Clinical Research Excellence Through Collaboration.

This strategic plan deepens our commitment to working together and provides a guide to ensure N2 will continue to support Canadian clinical research excellence.

As you read this strategic plan, we invite you, as part of the N2 community, to consider both how it will benefit your work and organization, and how you may contribute.

Read the N2 Strategic Plan

Thank you to the many individuals who contributed to its development. As an organization created for members and by members, input received from the N2 community was essential to the creation of this plan.

Relaunch of the Social Behavioural Research Ethics Course!

The Social and Behavioural Ethics course is back online! After a thorough review and update by the N2 Education Committee and subject matter experts, this course is available to our learners once again. This course is up to date with the current TCPS2 guidelines.

The Social and Behavioural Research Ethics and Biomedical Research Ethics courses are bundled together for N2 members for an annual fee of $540.00 + tax. This allows all site members access for one year.

If your site is interested in purchasing this access, or if you are interested in reviewing the course, please contact shelley.king@n2canada.ca.