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Apply for the first annual Paddi O’Hara Lecture Award

N2 is proud to announce the first annual Paddi O’Hara Lecture Award.

The selected speaker will receive a $2,500 honorarium and will be invited to give a talk on their chosen topic at the N2 annual meeting February 2021.

All applications for the 2021 Paddi O’Hara Lecture Award must be received electronically by 5:00 pm EST on January 15, 2021.

Submissions can be e-mailed to N2 at n2@n2canada.ca with the subject line “Paddi O’Hara Lecture Award Submission.”

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The Paddi O’Hara Annual Lecture Award has been established by the Network of Networks (N2) and Paddi’s family to honour the life of Paddi O’Hara and her contributions to N2.

Paddi was a uniquely bright and engaging person with a passion for family, friends and for her tireless work in research ethics.  Despite facing her own personal challenges, she was always ready to lend her support to people and causes she held dear.  Her generosity as a teacher and colleague led to many fruitful collaborations over the years, including her work with N2.

Paddi led the implementation of the N2-Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) education program in Canada and served as the chair of the N2 Education Committee. Paddi’s leadership and dedication in bioethics course development were instrumental in creating the N2 CITI Canada program that is now used across Canada to support high quality ethical research practice.
This award was established in Paddi’s memory in an effort to continually shine a light on the importance of advancing ethical clinical research practice and education.  It will recognize an applicant addressing a topic in clinical research education or research ethics. The award will be granted at the N2 annual meeting to the successful applicant following a competitive application process conducted by N2.




Seneca College is seeking opportunities for its students to find a place for the work-integrated learning portion of its program.

Attention N2 Stakeholders:

Seneca College, as part of its Clinical Research Graduate Certificate program is seeking opportunities for its students to find a place for the Work-Integrated Learning portion of its program. If you are interested in helping to shape future clinical research employees through offering a practical experience component in your organization, please contact them through the information below:

Clinical Research Graduate Certificate Program

The Clinical Research (Work-Integrated Learning) program will provide students with knowledge and insight into the most recent developments in the clinical research field within the pharmaceutical, medical device and natural health product industry as well as with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and hospital research centers. It emphasizes up-to-date knowledge of clinical research concepts and strategies and analysis of the day-to-day operations in clinical testing and all supporting activities. It covers the drug development process, ethics and regulations, responsibilities of conducting research with human subjects, and quality aspects of clinical research such as recording, protocol development, data collection, analysis, monitoring, and auditing.

The Clinical Research (Work-Integrated Learning) program is a three semester program consisting of two semesters of courses with a work term between the two semesters. Students of this program are required to have a degree in sciences and they will be available for work terms from January to April 2021. Employers looking to hire students from the Clinical Research Program are encouraged to send their job postings now.

Please contact:

Zahra Hirji
Work-Integrated Learning Coordinator
Tel: 416-491-5050 ext.33218
Email: zahra.hirji@senecacollege.ca