Changes to fee structures effective April 1st

We are pleased to announce that N2 is switching to a Canadian cloud-based membership management platform.

This will allow you to access your N2 membership invoice and update pertinent contact information electronically. To transition into this service:

The main N2 representative will receive two emails this week: one will be an invitation to log in and update your site’s profile information; the second will be an N2 annual membership renewal fee invoice.

If you don’t receive either of these emails, please first check your junk mail as some institutional firewalls have a strong filter. If you have not received either email, please contact

If another contact from your site should receive the dues invoice, please contact with the information

The invoice can either be paid online or printed off for cheque request.

As indicated in the attached memo that was circulated in July 2018, as of April 1, 2019 N2 will apply a Cost of Living Adjustment of 2% per year to the N2 membership fee, consistent with common business practices. In addition, we are instituting a base membership that will include access to the following CITI Canada courses:

• Good Clinical Practice (Basic and Refresher French and English)
• Responsible Conduct of Research
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• Health Canada Division 5 (French and English)

If you wish to access additional courses, you will be able to add any of these CITI Canada programs: Basic Biomedical Research Ethics and Social and Behavioural Research Ethics for $500+tax and Privacy for $500+tax for site access from our website over the coming weeks. In keeping with access to CITI courses, this fee will cover unlimited access for unlimited learners at your site.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Karen Arts, at or Shelley King at


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