Updated REB SOP 701

Written by Shelley King

March 9, 2017

Notice: Updated REB SOP 701

Please note that REB SOP 701 has been updated to version 701.002_1 and is effective immediately. The revisions are described in the SOP History at the end of the document. This is a minor revision, in keeping with recent policy changes, and the SOP retains the version 2 date of March 8, 2016.

The REB SOPs are specific to ethics boards that review health sciences research and are compliant with applicable Canadian and US regulatory, and ethics guidance criteria. The implementation of the REB SOPs will facilitate the distribution, adoption and maintenance of a single standard for REBs in Canada.

Access to the REB SOP documents and associated information can be obtained from the following link:  https://oicronca.box.com/s/ro3y57gpwhfmyp9oomeyr74jmwh9smcd

The previous version of the document will be archived and accessible.

 The V.1 N2 CAREB REB SOPs will be moved to Archive V.1 N2 CAREB REB SOP folder so they remain accessible.

NOTE: Comments, questions and other feedback should be directed to the REB SOP Committee Chair, Alison van Nie at alison.vannie@oicr.on.ca


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