The N2 Atlantic Regional Meeting is Monday!

Written by Barbara Brown

November 23, 2023

The Atlantic Regional Meeting is Monday we look forward to seeing you there!  Thank you to Nova Scotia Health and Atlantic Clinical Trials Network (ACTN) for helping to coordinate this event. View the agenda here.

To receive your continuing education (CE) credits, please complete a short survey after you attend the N2 Atlantic Regional Meeting. You will receive a prompt to provide your email address, and someone from the N2 Operations team will send you a digital copy of your certificate of completion.

Please ensure you use your email address to register for the event.

Featured presentations including….
Collaborating Across Jurisdictions

  • Dr. Liam Kelly (Provincial Director, Research and Innovation, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services)
  • Dr. Jordan Warford (Senior Director of Research, Nova Scotia Health Authority)
  • Vitalité Health Network representative

This session will bring together members of the Atlantic Clinical Trials Network (ACTN) to talk about collaboration across jurisdictions and provide insights of what is to come with ACTN.

International Speaker – Multi-Jurisdictions Success/Enablers and Solutions

Ethical Perspectives on Multi-Site Trials in Atlantic Canada

  • Ms. Jacquelyn Legere (Director, Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), Horizon Health Network)
  • Dr. Marie Tremblay (Manager, Research Ethics, Nova Scotia Health)

This session will guide the audience through a conversation about ethics and what are key aspects of success when conducting collaborative, multi-site trials.

Speaker Panel – Atlantic Investigators on Front-Line Perspectives Enablers and Barriers

  • Dr. Peter Daley (Associate Professor of Medicine, Memorial University and Infectious Diseases Physician, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services)
  • Dr. Marcel Mallet (Respirologist and Clinical Trials Principal Investigator, Vitalité Health Network)
  • Dr. Tony Otley (Head, Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, IWK Health Centre)
  • Dr. Pam Jarrett (Geriatrician, Horizon Health Network Associate Professor of Medicine, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick)
  • Dr. Ravi Ramjeesingh (Medical Oncologist and Medical Director for ACCRU, Nova Scotia Health)

Join us for an interactive panel discussion where Atlantic Canadian clinical trialists will share their frontline prospectives on key enablers and the barriers to conducting trials in the region.

Interactive Group Sessions

This session will provide an opportunity for table discussion to answer strategic questions about enabling multi-jurisdictional trials and about how N2 can support our efforts in Atlantic Canada.

Table Facilitators:

  • Ms. Andrea Dean (Research Education Program Manager, Nova Scotia Health Authority)
  • Ms. Sasha Eskandarian (Manager Research Compliance & Support Services · Hamilton Health Sciences)
  • Ms. Robin Gauthier (Lead, Program Developer, IWK Health Centre)
  • Ms. Jill Hatchette (Consulting Scientist, IWK Health Centre)
  • Ms. Jocelyn Hiltz (Director, Atlantic Clinical Trials Network (ACTN))
  • Dr. Liam Kelly (Provincial Director, Research and Innovation, Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services)





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