Register for the ASK US Series – Right to Participate Webinar

Written by Barbara Brown

May 3, 2024

Right to Participate is an initiative at BC Children’s and Women’s hospital to develop and clarify respectful ways in which patients and families can be contacted to participate in research. This goes beyond permission to contact; it is about ensuring all patients and families have the right to learn about research opportunities that interest them and to be able to make informed decisions about whether they would like to participate.

Our keynote speaker for this episode is Jennifer Claydon, manager, Clinical Research Support Unit at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, who is co-leading the Right to Participate initiative.

Joining Jennifer will be Rebecca Barnes, executive director, Network of Networks (N2) Canada – an alliance of research networks and organizations, who brings an extensive array of knowledge with consent and permission to contact programs, and Alison Orth, director, Clinical Trials BC (part of Michael Smith Health Research BC), who brings her experience in survey data results and relaying participants’ preferences to learning about clinical research opportunities.

The event is being held on Zoom on May 21, 2024 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM PDT. 

Register here.

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