Patented Medicine Prices Review Board Policy Brief Overview Provided by HealthCareCAN

Written by Barbara Brown

February 17, 2020

Read the overview of a policy brief about patented medicine prices review board provided by HealthCareCAN.

  • PMPRB’s new draft guidelines describe how it plans to bring down the costs of patented medicines based on new regulations published in Summer 2019.
  • More expensive drugs, or those with larger markets will have prices regulated based on cost per quality-adjusted life year (QALY). QALY thresholds are slightly more generous than in the UK, but somewhat less so than in the US, when they are used at all.
  • Price reductions based on the tests described by the new guidelines are likely to be significant.
  • Patent-holders may see the new guidelines as a penalty for commercial success and either disinvest in clinical trials for large-market medicines, or delay market entry for new medicines.
  • Delayed market entry is very likely in the short term, irrespective of how patent-holders respond.

For more information about the brief please contact HealthCareCAN’s Director of Communications and Member Services, Steve Wharry at 613-241-8005, ext. 205.

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