N2 Welcomes New Education Committee Co-Chair

Written by Barbara Brown

August 21, 2023

N2 is excited to announce the new Education Committee Co-Chair, Suzanne Crowe, Clinical Research Facilitator at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Suzanne joined the Education Committee in early 2022. Suzanne is taking over for Committee co-chair Jasmine Grant. We want to thank Jasmine for all her support over the years; her efforts and skills have been invaluable to developing N2 educational content. Jasmine will remain as a member of the Education Committee to continue adding her invaluable expertise to support the clinical research community

Suzanne earned her technical diploma in Biotechnology in 2006. She worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in Cardiac Surgery before becoming the Clinical Research Facilitator in the Office of Clinical Research and Compliance at the Ottawa Heart Institute Research Corporation in 2021. Suzanne is a Certified Clinical Research Professional through the Society of Clinical Research Associates and has over 10 years of clinical research experience.

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