N2 Office Expands

Written by Teddy

November 7, 2016

N2 is excited to announce the hiring of a business development specialist and a communications specialist to support our important work.

The Business Development Specialist will work with the N2 Board of Directors to develop and implement a strategic membership growth plan.  The Communication Specialist will assist N2 with all our internal and external communications needs including the development of a variety of promotional materials.

Dawn Richards is N2’s new Business Development Specialist. She has a PhD in analytical chemistry, and has worked in various roles in the research field, ranging from being a bench scientist to a business development officer.  Dawn has been the Project Manager of the N2 Clinical Trials Education and Awareness Committee since October 2014. In her role, she has helped the committee work with patients and caregivers on developing the website www.itstartswithme.ca and the accompanying video on the site.  She has also helped in the dissemination of these and other committee-developed resources. She is excited about her new role as our Business Development Specialist which began October 17th.  Dawn can be reached at dawn.richards@n2canada.ca.

Kate Darling is the N2’s new Communication Specialist. She has a Bachelor of Communication in Information Design from Mount Royal University. Her professional background includes working with business associations and non-profit organizations to increase their online presence and manage their stakeholder communications. Kate will be helping N2 develop and implement marketing materials, communication strategies, and a social media presence. Her interest in clinical trials and advancing medical care in Canada stems from experience through a lengthy family medical history, and the hope that future Canadians will be faced with fewer health challenges. Kate can be reached at kate.darling@n2canada.ca.

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