N2 Members Register for the CAREB-ACCER 2024 Annual Conference to Receive a Discounted Rate!

Written by Barbara Brown

January 17, 2024

The Canadian Association of Research Ethics Board’s (CAREB-ACCER) 2024 Annual Conference theme is “The Future of Research Ethics: Navigating the Changing Landscape”.  Occurring April 30, 2024 – May 2, 2024 the 2024 conference will focus on a number of new and emerging topics of importance and relevance in the research and research ethics ecosystem, including Keynote sessions on Artificial Intelligence, Research Security and Clinical Trial Design as well as a Panel discussion focusing on Hot Topics in Research Ethics. This conference will include presentations and workshops focused on data ownership, management and governance, clinical trial design, broad consent, artificial intelligence and multi-jurisdictional research among other topics and is aimed to equip attendees with knowledge, tools, capabilities and foundations in ethical considerations in the context of new and emerging topics of importance and relevance.

Individuals from N2 Member Institutions can register at a discounted rate of $190.00 CAD + tax (only applicable to non-CAREB-ACCER members, CAREB-ACCER members will receive the CAREB-ACCER member discount pricing). To take advantage of this discounted pricing on the registration page: (1) select “member of N2 Member Institution” and, (2) use your institutional email address to register.

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