Message from N2

Written by Barbara Brown

September 5, 2023

The following message is shared together with Karen Arts’s family.

With profound sadness, we share the news that Karen Arts has passed away. As everyone within the N2 community knows, Karen was the co-founder of N2, Chair of the Board of Directors for many years, and a visionary leader for clinical research in Canada.

Karen Arts

Over her 34-year career, Karen changed clinical research operations in Canada from a solo activity to a networked one that allows research managers and teams to leverage the expertise of peers across the country. She worked initially as a nurse, followed by a role in the pharmaceutical sector, and with the Ontario Cancer Research Network (now the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research). In the final decade of her career, during which Karen established N2 and played a pivotal role in leading the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN), she applied her strong leadership and collaborative spirit to help create Canada’s vibrant clinical research ecosystem today.

Karen’s legacy extends far beyond the advancement of research management quality and will continue to be the spark for new clinical research partnerships and collaboration long into the future. With unending appreciation, we pay tribute to Karen Arts and commit to keeping up the pursuit of her vision for bringing together clinical researchers to enhance our collective success.

The Rigid Riders (a team of cyclists living with Parkison’s Disease that Karen rode with) will be participating in a 200 km ride in Karen’s honour to raise money for Parkinson’s Canada. Anyone interested in contributing to this cause that was very near and dear to Karen may do so at the following link:

A celebration of life is being held on September 17, 2023 in Toronto, in person. Anyone wishing to attend Karen’s celebration of life may contact

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