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2024 Investigator Training Program (ITP) – Safety in Clinical Trials

We are excited to announce that “Pan-Canadian Research Connect” is once again offering the Investigator Training Program (ITP) in collaboration with Pfizer. This year, the program will feature 7 comprehensive modules designed to provide an in-depth overview of the clinical trial process, offering practical recommendations to enhance the efficiency of clinical trial conduct.

The ITP is an excellent opportunity for clinical trial investigators and research staff who are new to clinical trials or who could benefit from a refresher course. Participation and registration are open to all researchers and the research community within the Research Connect Network. Those who attend all seven modules will be eligible to receive a TransCelerate Good Clinical Practices (GCP) Certificate.

Key Highlights for 2024:

  • Complete 7 Modules for Certification: This year’s program consists of 7 modules. Full attendance at all modules is required to receive the formal certificate.
  • Register Early: Registration is limited to 500 participants. Please ensure your participation by registering as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend, kindly cancel your registration to allow others the opportunity to participate.
  • Mandatory Full Attendance: To obtain the certificate of completion from Pfizer and TransCelerate, you must attend the entire duration of all 7 modules. Attendance from the start to the end of each webinar is necessary. Missing even 15 minutes may disqualify you from receiving the certificate.
  • Pre-read Materials: Some modules will have pre-read materials that will be sent to all registered attendees. We strongly encourage an in-depth review of these materials prior to attending the training.
  • Retake Requirement for Certification: If you missed any portion of the training last year, you are required to retake all the modules again this year to receive a formal certificate.
  • Optional Refresher: Those who participated last year and wish to retake the modules as a refresher are more than welcome to do so.

Schedule: The webinars will be held from November 12th to November 21st.

Please register as soon as possible for this exciting and limited opportunity.

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