Call for Medical Device Subject Matter Experts

Written by Barbara Brown

July 25, 2023

As part of our strategic priority to Advocate for peak performance and quality outcomes in clinical research, we continue to create education courses to help N2 member organizations operate at the leading edge of clinical research best practices and meet regulatory requirements.

The next N2 course in development is on Medical Devices. This course is currently under development and will be available to N2 members by mid-Fall 2023.

We are looking for ~seven Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to review the N2 Medical Device draft course between September 5-30, 2023. You will complete the course and submit feedback through an online form. This task will take no more than 2 hours to complete.

If you are willing and available to serve as a SME on the Medical Devices course, please email us at and include a short statement with your Medical Device experience.

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