N2 has a MOU with HealthCareCAN learn more here!

Written by Barbara Brown

June 7, 2019

HealthCareCAN is the national voice of healthcare organizations and hospitals across Canada, with the goal to improve the health of Canadians through an evidence-based and innovative healthcare system. N2 has a MOU with HealthCareCAN.

The Canadian Healthcare Association (CHA) Learning is the professional development division of HealthCareCAN, and Canada’s only online national healthcare learning provider. CHA Learning’s mission is to empower professionals with the knowledge, skills and relationships to lead health system improvement. For more than 65 years, their programs and courses have helped tens of thousands of health professionals be successful in their health leadership careers, in all regions across the country.

Their offer programs in the following topic areas:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Quality and Safety
  • Health Research
  • People-Centred Care
  • Health Information Management
  • Food and Nutrition Management
  • Long-Term Care
  • Governance

Visit www.chalearning.ca to learn more or contact chalearning@healthcarecan.ca

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