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The Royal Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Forensic Mental Health

The Royal Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Forensic Mental Health

The Royal Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Forensic Mental Health is an initiative of the Integrated Forensic Program to attract post-doctoral researchers with a demonstrated capacity for research excellence, leadership, and potential to advance research in forensic mental...

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SOP’s Version 10!

SOP’s Version 10!

The N2 SOP Committee will soon begin the review process in preparation for issuance of N2 SOPs Version 10.  The Committee will plan to meet monthly, starting this September through to February, 2023.  If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact...

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Launch of the Clinical Trials Fund Grant

Launch of the Clinical Trials Fund Grant

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has launched three grant calls under its Clinical Trials Fund (CTF). These grants aim to support clinical trials in three ways: platforms with the development of a pan-Canadian Clinical Trials Consortium; people with...

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Our membership has allowed us to learn from successes in other provinces, implement new ideas, keep abreast of new developments in the Canadian clinical trials landscape, and network with other clinical research groups faced with similar challenges and opportunities.
Dr. Caroline Rousseau


It is well worth attending the two-day Annual General Meetings and with each successive AGM, you can see and hear how N2 is growing by leaps and bounds and likewise the enthusiasm and volunteerism exhibited at the meetings, all of which makes for relevant and informative discussions.
Wendy Hollinshead

McMaster University

Through their outreach to various stakeholders, N2 partnership definitely gives Canada an edge and helps us, the pharmaceutical industry, to continue to attract and leverage the implementation of clinical trials in Canada; ensuring a high level of quality and compliance.
Sally Hossain


Being a member of N2 has provided us with the opportunity to develop collaborative working relationships with clinical research organizations across Canada. These networking opportunities have helped us to streamline processes, share and create resources, and learn from other clinical research experts’ experiences.
Tammy Beaudoin

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute