U-Breathe Respirology & Pulmonary Function Laboratory

U-Breathe Respirology Clinic and Pulmonary Function Laboratory
Member Since: 2019
Website: https://u-breathe.ca

U-Breathe Respirology & Pulmonary Function Laboratory is a community clinic serving patients who have breathing problems. Our respirology clinic is closely linked with diagnostic services, some tests such as pulmonary function tests may be done at the same location and prior to the visit with a respirology specialist. Our Pulmonary function laboratory is equipped to provide a full range of testing including Pulmonary Function Tests, Methocholine Challenge tests, Spirometry, FENO and Arterial Blood Gas.

We assist in making a diagnosis of various chronic conditions of the respiratory system, evaluate effectiveness of the current treatment and identify changes in lung function that require treatment or intervention. Besides physician specialists, our multidisciplinary team includes certified respiratory therapists, certified respiratory educators, a nurse and a clinical assistant.

We provide consultation services to diagnose and manage asthma, COPD and Asthma COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS), Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), Pulmonary Fibrosis, Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), other respiratory symptoms and other medical conditions.

We also run a Severe Asthma Clinic.

During clinic visits we provide education to the patients and their families about the nature of the diagnosis, available treatment options and proper technique of administration of inhalers. We empower patients to better manage their respiratory conditions by actively participating in their treatment plans.