Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute

Member Since: 2010

The Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit research corporation.  As the research arm of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, the Research Institute’s mandate is to facilitate clinical research – particularly in the area of imaging and related fields – strategic to regional health care needs. Current research areas include but are not limited to cancer, cardiac disease, stroke, orthopaedics, Indigenous health, and lung disease. The Institute also supports clinical trials at the Health Sciences Centre, which has been among Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals since 2010 thanks in large part to the activities of the Research Institute.

The Research Institute aims to develop innovative health care techniques from concept to clinical trials to commercialization, supporting scientists and clinicians at every step. As part of the 24 research hospitals in Ontario, the Research Institute has shaped its Strategic Directions around the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario tenets of Healthier, Wealthier, and Smarter:

  • Healthier – Lead research to improve the health outcomes of the people of Northwestern Ontario and beyond.
  • Wealthier – Advance philanthropic and other support and generate revenue through science and partnerships.
  • Smarter – Enhance the academic environment.

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