Praxis Spinal Cord Institute

Member Since: 2011/2020

Praxis exists to lead global collaboration in spinal cord injury research, innovation and care. We use SCI knowledge translation to bridge health evidence with real-world delivery.

Praxis is part of the life-changing work done in the life sciences sector, and plays a key role in the development of new technologies and treatments for those living with spinal cord injury (SCI). Our vision is a world without paralysis after SCI.

Praxis advances SCI research and innovation worldwide through networks of international researchers, health care professionals, clinical trials, entrepreneurs, investors, and people with lived experience of SCI (PLEX).

Driven by the priorities of people with spinal cord injuries, the four distinct areas of focus for Praxis are:

  • Pioneering PLEX leadership and engagement with those living with SCI
  • Catalyzing networks of people and data
  • Ensuring the latest research and knowledge is used in the health system
  • Speeding up the availability of new SCI technology to those who need it

Praxis takes on the role of identifying priorities, marshalling resources, and driving knowledge translation. From our home in Vancouver, Canada we facilitate an international network of people with SCI and world-class experts who work together to identify, prioritize and solve the most urgent challenges.

To achieve this, we take a multi-disciplinary, adaptable approach to maximize our impact. This enables us to move the most promising ideas out of the laboratory, into both standards of care for people with SCI. We also work to get new technologies from idea, to development, and ultimately available to improve the lives of those dealing with SCI in their lives.

Our PLEX team brings together people with lived experience whose role is to help the organization set priorities and ensure new discoveries make it into the SCI community.

Our Research + Care programs help support and enable SCI research globally by co-ordinating research, developing standards, and maintaining international data and tissue banks for use in various studies.

Our Commercialization program funds a wide variety of research in programs accelerating technologies and innovation into products for the SCI community that make a difference in their daily lives.

By working to address all of these areas simultaneously as a not-for-profit organization, Praxis brings a unique approach to solving the challenges facing those with SCI. With our national and international partners within the SCI community and beyond, we are improving the health of people with SCI.