CReATe Fertility & Research Program

CReATe Fertility & Research Program

The CReATe Research Program has been in operation since 2007, with the goal of increasing clinical and basic reproductive biology knowledge. Aimed at addressing important problems encountered daily in the fertility clinic, the Research Program takes a “bench to bedside” approach to research, which means clinical trials are a vital component of our treatment development pipeline. The ultimate goal is improved care for people with infertility and other reproductive challenges.

The CReATe Research Program is unique as it is embedded within the CReATe Fertility Centre, enabling the conduct of research using clinical data and biological waste material donated for research following clinical procedures, via our in-house Biobank. Basic science and clinical investigations are undertaken in a range of Human Reproduction science areas, including: Andrology, Ovarian Biology, Embryology and Implantation, Reproductive Genetics, Psychosocial Research and Stem Cell Research.


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October 20, 2005