The Quebec Clinical Research Organization in Cancer (QCROC), an academic network of oncology clinical researchers in the province of Quebec, is an active participant in N2. Our membership has allowed us to learn from successes in other provinces, implement new ideas, keep abreast of new developments in the Canadian clinical trials landscape, and network with other clinical research groups faced with similar challenges and opportunities.

Dr. Caroline Rousseau


In enhancing the quality of clinical research in Alberta, the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC) and its partner organizations representing academic and community-based researchers have joined N2 to access best practices, resources, training, and regulatory information.” “Alberta is actively involved in N2 and the national dialogue on creating efficiencies in the Canadian Clinical research administrative landscape. It is about collaborating to build research capacity; making both Alberta and Canada more attractive for clinical research.

Dr. Rachel Syme and Dr. Tammy Mah-Fraser

Alberta Health Services, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions and Alberta Clinical Research Consortium

Through their outreach to various stakeholders, N2 partnership definitely gives Canada an edge and helps us, the pharmaceutical industry, to continue to attract and leverage the implementation of clinical trials in Canada; ensuring a high level of quality and compliance.

Sally Hossain & Stephen Fullum

Pfizer Canada

For McMaster University and its affiliated healthcare institutions, our initial interest in joining N2 back in 2010 was the access to cost effective Canadian programs and tools to support clinical research conducted by our investigators and clinical research staff.   However, other strategic initiatives have proved equally beneficial for us, providing access to networking and the opportunity to collaborate with other N2 stakeholders.  It is well worth attending the two-day Annual General Meetings and with each successive AGM, you can see and hear how N2 is growing by leaps and bounds and likewise the enthusiasm and volunteerism exhibited at the meetings, all of which makes for relevant and informative discussions.

Wendy Hollinshead

McMaster University

Being a member of N2 has provided us with the opportunity to develop collaborative working relationships with  clinical research organizations across Canada.  These networking opportunities have helped us to streamline processes, share and create resources, and learn from other clinical research experts’ experiences.  Participating on N2 committees has proven to be extremely valuable as they provide a forum for brainstorming and problem solving.  Having the opportunity to be involved in important discussions about Canadian clinical research initiatives such as education, quality improvement and patient engagement allows us to contribute and have a voice in improving and enhancing clinical research on a national level.

Tammy Beaudoin

Clinical Research Facilitator, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

The University of British Columbia (UBC) has been a member of N2 since 2010.  Membership has proven invaluable for the UBC research community as it has allowed small investigator initiated studies, large sponsor driven multi-site clinical trials, funded and unfunded research projects to all equally benefit from the training, support, and best practices available through N2.  The financial benefits of having UBC affiliated researchers access online training opportunities through our N2 membership are immense.  For the equivalent cost of sending 1-2 people off-site for training UBC can provide access to required training materials for an entire campus of researchers.  Such ease of access is greatly appreciated by all involved in the research process as time away from the office/lab is reduced with no additional costs to bear for study PIs.

Dr. Jeffrey Toward

University British Columbia

Our membership in N2 since 2009 has proven to be a tremendous value add for C5R members. C5R members get no fee access to outstanding materials (GCP’s, SOP’s, CITI certification). Of equal importance, attending the 2 day N2 Annual Meeting provides a ready networking venue for us to keep in touch with a community of enthusiastic professionals, who are quick to learn from each other and to share common experiences.

Trish Purcell

C5R Business Manager, C5R

N2 has been a great resource for us at the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatoon Health Region. N2’s online training and standard operating procedures are very well done, and N2 provides good opportunities to network with other people working in clinical research. The online courses alone save us a great deal of expense by not having to send people away for training. Also, to develop and maintain SOPs ourselves would be a major cost. At a reasonable fee, membership in N2 is a great value. We are pleased that, through membership in N2 by the Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research, N2’s resources are now available to researchers across the Province of Saskatchewan.

Scott Corley

Director, Clinical Trial Support Unit (CTSU), University of Saskatchewan

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