The N2 May Stakeholder Meeting is May 25, 2020

2:00-3:00 PM EST

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We are excited that Health Canada will be presenting material related to COVID-19 during the meeting. However, they will only touch on highlights from the Health Canada COVID-19 guide and spend the rest of the time, answering questions from the attendees. 

To make sure the questions relate to COVID-19 and not the Guide 100 or other Health Canada issues on COVID-19 questions already addressed by the COVID-19 guide, Health Canada would like us to collect questions in advance. We have not received any questions to date, so to ensure Health Canada feels that their time will be of good use, we are encouraging registrants to provide questions. 
Please click here to submit a question, or please feel free to reach out to to provide questions. Please submit questions by May 15, 2020, by end-of-business day.