How to join

Review the conditions of membership and member categories below. Membership fees are based on an annual fee from April 1st to March 31st.

Conditions of Membership

  • Membership is open to all networks, institutions, organizations, industry partners or other stakeholders with a special interest in clinical research.
  • Members must be headquartered in Canada.
  • Members must be interested in furthering the objectives/mission/vision of N2.
  • All members (both network/institution/organization/industry and their representatives) shall provide reasonable and continuing disclosure of potential conflicts of interest.
  • All members shall comply with any reasonable conditions of membership imposed by Board of Directors of N2, including the payment of any reasonable membership fees or dues.
  • Membership is subject to initial approval and annual review by the N2 Board of Directors.

Categories of Membership

Not for Profit Regular - $3,247

For Not-For-Profit organizations with more than 6 employees

Not for Profit Small - $1,082

For Not-For-Profit organizations with less than 5 employees

Profit/Industry Regular - $5,412

For industry or for profit organizations with more than 11 employees

Profit/Industry Small Practice - $2,165

For industry or for profit organizations with 10 or less employees

Provincial - $2,976

Please contact N2 administration for eligibility criteria