Launch of Four New Cannabis Tools by the N2 Quality Committee

We are excited to announce that the N2 Quality Committee has officially launched four new clinical research cannabis tools. 

The tools are located on To access the tools, go to the N2 website and enter the N2 username and password in the top right-hand corner under Access N2 Resources. Once you are logged into, navigate to the Compliance and Quality Tools folder. 

The four tools available include:

The “Sources-Cannabis” document lists some useful reference documents when considering conducting a Cannabis research study.

The “Cannabis Application Checklist” documents all the steps necessary when applying for an individual cannabis licence for research. Please ensure to always use this checklist alongside the latest version of the Health Canada Cannabis Licensing application guide for research.

The “Monitoring/Auditing Checklist” is a tool that can be used when auditing or monitoring a cannabis study to ensure all details related to the cannabis licence are in order

The “Roles and Responsibilities Guidance” assists those who require a Cannabis License for Research for an individual licence in order to understand the different responsibilities associated with different roles when filing an individual cannabis licence for research.

The Ottawa Hospital launches Ask Me campaign

Congratulations to N2 member the Ottawa Hospital who officially launched their own Ask Me campaign! We are so excited to see how the program impacts their organization. Take a look here to see what the Ottawa Hospital has done. Make sure to follow N2 on social media for updates.

Are you interested in taking part in the Ask Me campaign? Contact for more information and an N2 representative will be more than happy to provide you details and a starter toolkit with the Ask Me campaign.