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N2 has created a number of resources around the theme of “It Starts With Me.” Resources that are available without the need to agree to Terms of Use are available on N2’s members’ website (if you are an N2 member and do not have this link, please contact There are also additional resources that are available as explained below that are made available when you contact

Website / is the central resource created to help potential participants, families, caregivers, and the general public to understand basics about clinical trials and clinical research.


The video found on the homepage of is also available as a file for N2 members. The video is available in English and French, with or without closed captions. Before the video file can be provided to you, we ask that you agree to a basic Terms of Use. Please contact for the Terms of Use Agreement.


Postcards have been created that highlight the ItStartsWithMe website and encourage potential participants to have a conversation with their healthcare providers about clinical trials and research. The postcards are available in English and French, and may have your site’s/institution’s logo added to the file. If you choose to co-brand the file, please contact for a Terms of Use Agreement.


Slides aligned with the website’s messaging,  a clinical trials 101 slidedeck, have been created for members. This slidedeck can be used as is, or customized to your needs.  Please contact to access a PowerPoint version of the slides that you may edit along with a required Terms of Use Agreement.

Working With Patients

All of N2's ItStartsWithMe/CaCommenceAvecMoi materials were created in collaboration with patients and caregivers.  To share what we learned about this experience, we have created this document to share with you in English and French.  We have also developed some principles that we will use moving forward when we undertake this type of collaboration again.  We hope you find this document useful.


CITI Canada online education programs click here

N2/CAREB-ACCER REB SOPs available open source click here

  • CAREB-ACCER and N2 are pleased to provide a set of collaboratively developed, standardized, Canadian REB SOPs via open access. [English and French versions] The REB SOPs are specific to ethics boards that review health sciences research and are compliant with applicable Canadian and US regulatory, and ethics guidance criteria. The implementation of the REB SOPs will facilitate the distribution, adoption and maintenance of a single standard for REBs in Canada.

Please note that changes to the formal set of REB SOPs may result in the SOPs no longer being compliant and it is for this reason that the SOPs appear as print only PDF documents. 

Comments, questions and other feedback are encouraged and should be directed to the REB SOP Chair by contacting:

Alison van Nie   

Access issues can be addressed by contacting N2′s coordinating office at


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