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Exciting CITI News!

N2 is pleased to announce the release of the ICH E6 R2-GCP updated Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Basic Course. The 10-module course is now available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).

Previously 13-modules, this 10-module course discusses good clinical practice as it relates to clinical trials. The discussion is focused on the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH)-E6 (R2) guidelines and applicable regulations in Canada such as Health Canada-Division 5, and The Tri-Council Policy Statement 2.

This is significant in that N2 has worked with TransCelerate to assure that the high-quality CITI Canada GCP course accessible to N2 members meets their standards. This means if you are working with a TransCelerate affiliated company you can assure them that your CITI Canada training has formal approval and recognition from TransCelerate. Meeting TransCelerate training criteria is the latest milestone in a trend that has seen many biopharmaceutical companies as well as research networks, hospitals and universities accept the CITI Canada GCP course as their gold standard.

For more information please review the article “How to Determine if a GCP Course Meets TransCelerate BioPharma Minimum Criteria” which provides a brief overview of the TransCelerate certification.

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The Ottawa Hospital launches Ask Me campaign

Congratulations to N2 member the Ottawa Hospital who officially launched their own Ask Me campaign! We are so excited to see how the program impacts their organization. Take a look here to see what the Ottawa Hospital has done. http://www.ottawahospital.on.ca/en/youre-in-my-care/patients-invited-to-ask-me-about-our-research/ Make sure to follow N2 on social media for updates.

Are you interested in taking part in the Ask Me campaign? Contact n2@n2canada.ca for more information and an N2 representative will be more than happy to provide you details and a starter toolkit with the Ask Me campaign.

Metrics Training for N2 Members by the Metrics Champion Consortium

The N2 Metrics Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the collaborative education initiative between N2 and the Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC). MCC (www.metricschampion.org) is the leading industry association dedicated to the development of standardized performance metrics to improve clinical trials. N2 and MCC are working together to bring MCC’s training resources to the N2 membership at a substantial discount. Members will be able to access MCC’s eLearning and Master Certification Programs at half the price that MCC charges non-MCC members. For access information please contact your N2 representative.